Prices & Policies

Shuttle tickets:

$5 per person one way / $10 per person round-trip

We make every attempt to provide our customers with safe and reliable transportation.

If it takes a seat, it needs a ticket.  This includes kids, backpacks, strollers, coolers, etc… Actual passengers will take priority when loading.

Dogs:  Over 50 lbs require a ticket.  No dogs on the seats at any time. 2 dog maximum on each shuttle (first come, first served: starting at the Footbridge and Kennicott locations). No wet dogs allowed on the shuttle (please keep this in mind that weather can change quickly throughout the day).

We reserve the right to refuse service if necessary.

Groups with large amounts of luggage require prior notification. Please note that if you are staying at Blackburn Cabins, Blackburn B&B, or Kennicott Cottages, we will not be able to take you all the way to your destination.

For large parties of 8 people or more, we can accommodate your group more easily with advanced notice.  Large groups are not guaranteed a shuttle at their preferred time without prior notification.

We do not provide transportation for bicycles.

If you are not at a designated bus stop, we cannot guarantee boarding.

If you are a private flyer flying into the McCarthy airport, please contact us on 122.9 with the estimated time that you will be ready so we can arrange a shuttle for you.

McCarthy Kennicott Shuttle
McCarthy, Alaska
(907) 554-4411
(800) 478-1160